Age-Inclusive Fun with YUMZEE**
   - Description: Experience a game-changer designed for individuals aged 50 and beyond. YUMZEE's multi-game set redefines entertainment with its versatile bag toss concept, inspired by cherished classics. This unique blend of mental and physical challenges caters to active living from age 7 to 97. The washable vinyl inserts facilitate hassle-free maintenance, while the robust RBaltic Plywood construction ensures years of enjoyment.
   - Recommended Usage: Perfect for Seniors Residences, CHSLD, Clubs, Associations, Schools, Families, and Camping.

How to Play!

Yumzhee - A Quebec Twist: From Dice Game to Active Play!

Welcome to Loufoque Quebec, where we present an original adaptation of the classic games Yum and Yahtzee in a new form: here is Yumzhee! Instead of dice, we use five sandbags, offering a unique and fun active gaming experience derived from a well-known board game.

Yumzhee Rules:
In Yumzhee, players throw five sandbags onto a specially designed playing surface with twelve replicated dice, twice from 1 to 6, painted in twelve compartments. You'll need precision and strategy to score as many points as possible by obtaining the most advantageous combinations.

Yumzhee features five rounds with five pockets, and eight combinations to achieve for accumulating points:
- Pairs for 100 points,
- Triplets for 100 points,
- A sequence of 3 for 100 points,
- Quadruplets for 250 points,
- A sequence of 4 for 250 points,
- The "House" for 500 points,
- A sequence of 5 for 500 points,
- And finally, a "Yumzee," meaning five of a kind for 1000 points.

Why Choose Yumzhee:
- Quebec Innovation: We've reimagined the classic game Yum to create a one-of-a-kind experience with custom-made sandbags and painted dice.
- Fun for All Ages: Whether you're a board game veteran or discovering Yumzhee for the first time, this active game is accessible and enjoyable for all ages.
- Perfect for Gatherings: Whether with family, friends, or at community events, Yumzhee is an excellent way to bring people together for an active, enjoyable, and stimulating game.

How to Play:
1. Throw the sandbags onto the playing surface to create combinations of dice.
2. Score points based on the combinations you achieve.
3. Improve your skills and challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score.
4. We recommend a distance of 6 to 8 feet from the front of the game.

Getting Yumzhee:
If you're interested in adding Yumzhee to your collection of games or offering it in your community, school, residence, or center, don't hesitate to contact us.

Join us in this new playful adventure and discover a unique Quebecois way to turn a board game into an active game with Yumzhee. Follow us on Loufoque Quebec on FACEBOOK to not miss our latest videos and tips for mastering this exciting game!

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YUMZEE: Diversify Your Fun - Toss Game

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